Executive Board

The Greenville PTO is managed by the Executive Board which is made up of the positions below. Click each position title to learn more about the roles and responsibilities.


  • Coordinate and preside over all Executive Board meetings

  • Coordinate and preside over all general membership meetings

  • Act as liaison between the Board and Greenville Elementary School administrators

  • Appoint chairpersons to committees

  • Give and take guidance and assistance to or from Board members

  • Ensure that all By-Laws are observed or modified to meet current needs

  • Is a member ex-officio of all committees and may chair a committee

  • Serve as a second signatory on all PTO accounts

Vice President

  • Fulfill Presidential duties in the absence of the President

  • Notify Organization members of monthly general meetings

  • Act as the Volunteer Coordinator

  • Provide first tally of all paper votes at general membership meetings

  • Act as Honor Roll Coordinator


  • Keep a written record of the minutes of all Executive Board and general membership meetings

  • Post notices and maintain the Organization bulletin board

  • Coordinate the monthly Organization newsletter

  • Coordinate and prepare agendas for Executive Board and general membership meetings

  • Keep a copy of the By-Laws at all times to be available at all meetings

  • Ensure that all meetings minutes shall be approved by all board members within one (1) week of said meeting

  • Ensure that approved meeting minutes are available to the membership within two (2) weeks of said meeting

  • Maintain all written records of the Organization

  • Record all paper votes tallied at general membership meetings


  • Maintain full charge of all of the funds of the Organization

  • Act as first signature on all PTO checking accounts

  • Collect all funds and conduct the banking

  • Ensure payment of amounts due from invoices

  • Reconcile the checkbook and any and all financial statements

  • Enforce all outstanding bills

  • Is present at all fundraisers

  • Prepare an annual budget for Board approval

  • Prepare and provide a monthly Treasurer’s report containing detailed transaction information

  • Act as signatory on all PTO accounts

  • Manage budget on the PTO Operational Expense account

  • Coordinate annual examination of PTO finances and accounts conducted by an audit committee

  • File annual tax documents of the Organization

Faculty/Staff Representative

  • Communicate general membership meeting information to Greenville Elementary School Faculty/Staff

  • Coordinate and communicate Greenville Elementary School faculty concerns and needs to PTO Board and general membership

  • Provide second tally of all paper votes at general membership meetings